What Is The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning?

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is often associated with luck and fate. That can lead to the misunderstanding that you are unable to control or influence your own life. When you see The Wheel in a tarot reading, don’t consider its answer as the final say in the matter.

If basic math problems can have multiple solutions, then surely your own life can have multiple correct paths. This is another important aspect of The Wheel of Fortune in tarot to keep in mind as we discover how what this card can mean for you.

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Pictured: The Wheel of Fortune art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Interpretation

Look at the Wheel of Fortune card as a transitory element. The reason why it is often described as a fate or luck card is due to the way it foreshadows changes and paths to travel. ‌What it represents is an opportunity from the universe in often unexpected ways.

When we are unable to clearly see what direction life is taking us, it can cause us to lose faith in our own actions. Seeing this tarot card in a reading means you should keep an open mind and heart. It may indicate challenges in certain areas of your life, so take the time to prepare.

Do not fear The Wheel of Fortune, instead heed its advice in these aspects of your life.

Career and Financial Guidance

Change is coming your way, which could mean careers or financial stability. Do you find yourself feeling like you’re in a dead-end situation? With the whole “quiet quitting” trend, many have found themselves in the exact same position.

Typically, the only thing preventing people from quitting their dead-end career paths is fear of financial instability. Although, at some point, your value for your sanity trumps the risk of a loss of income. The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is that big red flag: prepare for a new career, promotion, or that business you’ve been wanting to start.

If your financial situation is already rocky when you see this in a tarot reading, take it as a sign for better things to come. Ultimately, your perspective is going to change with how you earn your living, relieving the anxiety you currently have around your career.

The Wheel of Fortune in Love and Relationships

Are you currently in a relationship? This card can indicate a big event coming up that will bring you even closer to the person you love. Now, it might not be ideal, but bonding over trauma is probably one of the most common ways that people meet and fall in love.

If you are both struggling to communicate with each other, then The Wheel of Fortune card will indicate a challenge to your commitment. Ultimately, any major decision will come with the appropriate pairings in your tarot reading. You can find some common examples below with major arcana combinations and their messages.

Pay close attention to these majors, as they build the foundation of a reading’s long-term goals and suggested paths to take. You should avoid taking shortcuts or moving in secret if you’re in a serious relationship. The Wheel of Fortune is considered a Karmic card; a card of cause and effect. 

Rush the process and you may end up missing out on opportunities that will provide the love that you sought out. An example could be forcing a romance with a crush or gaslighting a current relationship to start anew. Both are examples of selfishness and bad karma, with neither providing the happiness desired.

Physical and Spiritual Health

Personal relationships and questions regarding one’s own health share similar answers when presented with The Wheel of Fortune. It’s time for new beginnings, but it is up to you to start them. If you are questioning how to improve your health and connection to spirit, this is a card that wants you to refresh your lifestyle.

It’s not uncommon to reach a plateau or a level of stagnancy after achieving some success. In order to keep it going and reach new heights, you will need to reinvigorate your drive. This is a natural cycle in the ebb and flow of our energy.

Take this time to ask yourself what is important to you, congratulate yourself on making it this far, and create new micro-goals leading up to your future milestones. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew; the best way to escape the trap of cynicism is to rewrite the rules.

As long as you maintain a strong connection between your mind, body, and soul, you cannot fail. Don’t let the activities of others determine what healthy means to you.

What Does The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Mean?

Can The Wheel of Fortune truly be “upside-down” or in reverse? If you see this card dealt opposite to your perspective, don’t panic. This is a card that represents change, regardless of its location on the table in front of you.

Change is often feared and can be painful. Like ripping off a bandaid, you know it's coming, eventually. How you decide to address change is what matters most. If someone rips that bandaid off you unexpectedly, the pain seems short-lived.

A reversed Wheel of Fortune card may be your sign to prepare for unexpected challenges by asking for help and support from others. Instead of trying to avoid these changes, strengthen your coping skills and your spiritual bonds so that you stay in control of your destiny.

Remember, The Wheel is not a card of powerlessness or random luck. We all experience major problems or setbacks we could not predict. Major changes cannot break us if we have strong foundations.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

If you’re looking for a quick answer to your questions, The Wheel of Fortune is a card that may not feel welcome in a one-card tarot pull. The reason being is that it can often leave you wanting more details. 

If your question is regarding a change in your financial situation, the longevity of a career or relationship, then this reads as an emphatic ‘yes’ in the near future. You’re already presenting feelings of change needed to the universe; this is a card that mirrors that projection.

Your next move should be to work on yourself and not try to force this change in any direction. Loss or gain, feeling secure in your own self-value is important when preparing for a shake-up.

The Wheel of Fortune Pairings and Combinations

This tarot card is at its most powerful when combined with another major arcana. Its pairing can provide valuable insight on how to move on, move forward, or take a step back. Change is in the cards, and these are just a few tarot pairings that will steer you in the right direction.

The Wheel of Fortune and The Hermit

Probably the most difficult of messages to swallow is to expect change and prepare for it by looking for answers within. The Hermit card doesn’t ask you to do everything alone, but to listen closely to your inner thoughts and desires.

The Hermit card says: take some time to look inward and really think about what this change means for you. You might just find yourself asking the age-old question: “What else could I be doing with my life right now?” So take a moment and assess your current situation—what changes do you need to make?

The Wheel of Fortune and Justice

What happens after justice is served? What does it take to move into a place that feels just? These types of questions are good examples of how you should navigate this tarot card reading combination. If you see these two grouped together, it means that it’s time to move on in search of a more just life. 

You may find yourself in a tight spot, but if you make the right choices with fairness in mind, you can turn that spot into a great spot—even if you have to leave your old spot behind. And if things seem tough, just remember that it's always darkest before the dawn—so don't give up hope!

The only way to navigate through the darkness that hides in the shadows is by having a strong moral compass.

The Wheel of Fortune and Death

Death is a part of the cycle of life. This tarot card pairing is best described by Mufasa in The Lion King: 

“When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so, we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.”

Usually, those who see these two cards pop up in a traditional tarot spread will have seen other signs and readings alluding to an ending and new beginning. Although, we are all pretty good at suppressing and ignoring information we don’t like to hear.

Now is the best time to start mentally preparing yourself for new beginnings and letting go of old ways or relationships. It doesn’t have to be a traumatic or stressful transition. Acceptance grants you the power to deal with anything that comes your way.

The Wheel of Fortune Relationship With Sagittarius♐

Jupiter shares a relationship with The Wheel of Fortune in tarot. The planet of expansion and abundance is the ruler of Sagitarius. Of course, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Staying in control of your own expansion and being ready to accept abundance are key.

Managing your blessings responsibly will allow you to avoid negative outcomes, such as greed, resentment or jealousy from others, exploitation, and identity crisis. Think of those who win the lottery and lose everything due to a lack of self-control or a strong moral foundation. That money is sunk into material objects and superficiality to fill a spiritual void.

As a Sagitarius, remember to find a balance between your lust for adventure and forming stable bonds with friends and family.

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