What Is the Hermit Tarot Card Meaning?

The Hermit card represents a state of solitude. Whether briefly or long-term, this tarot card may show up in a reading if you need time for introspection.

Throughout history, the hermit is often tied to religious exile and devotion–a spiritual revelation. What can you learn from The Hermit card’s lessons? Is it possible to achieve a “higher self” through solitude? 

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Pictured: The Hermit art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

The Hermit Tarot Interpretation

The Hermit tarot card's message asks you to contemplate your decisions without distractions. It emphasizes that your fast-paced life has not given you much time for contemplation. Your natural ability to see the Big Picture is great; however, some quiet time is needed to avoid tunnel-vision.

To get rid of thoughts, you have to focus entirely on what you're thinking. It takes patience, acceptance of yourself, and letting go. You can't foster these qualities overnight, but they can be learned. 

It may be a bit intimidating initially, yet committing to the journey of discovering yourself can be an incredibly satisfying experience.

Career and Financial Guidance

For most people, working and making money is a necessary part of life. But this doesn't mean your career has to control your life.

The Hermit Tarot Card appears in money and career readings when you are too focused on work. You need to work on your spiritual growth to find balance. 

As time passes, having a lot of money may not be enough to bring you contentment and joy, especially if you don't take pleasure in your job or career. So, think carefully about whether you are truly satisfied with your current situation, or if you are just choosing to keep the peace by not making any changes.

The Hermit in Love and Relationships

If the Hermit Tarot card appears in a romantic setting and you are single, it might suggest that you have gone through a phase of being alone which enabled you to recuperate from a past hurtful relationship or recent heartache. You are now on the brink of a new beginning. 

It could also be implying a vow of abstinence or celibacy. In a relationship, the Hermit upright could symbolize a partner who is more experienced and knowledgeable. 

This could mean that you should strive to build a stronger bond with your significant other. It might suggest that you and your partner need to spend more quality time together.

If you want to get to the bottom of matters of the heart, you'd better pay attention to your desires, concerns, and maybe even your insecurities. The Hermit tarot card love meaning might suggest that before entering into a committed romantic relationship, it could pay off to take some time to get to know yourself better instead. 

Even if this lonely time seems difficult, it will set you on the path to finding your true love. If you and your partner are already together, you can do soul-searching together. Consider what you want from a relationship and what makes you happy. Though the first conversations may be awkward, they will set the stage for dealing with future challenges.

Physical and Spiritual Health

The Hermit believes in long life and natural remedies for health issues. Many people who have physical health issues are too disconnected from nature. For example, do you know where your food comes from? Or how it is made? 

Put your health first and seek out sustainable and local foods. Don't forget to engage in exercise and activity, even if you are not feeling your best. You don't have to go through this alone—seek out community and the sharing of resources, which is in line with the values of The Hermit. 

If you're not seeing results from traditional diet and exercise, look to holistic and intuitive solutions for answers. Consider incorporating grounding and ritual health work into your routine, like meditating, using essential oils, experimenting with temperature therapy, working with crystals, using pendulums, and performing tapping exercises.

What Does The Hermit Reversed Mean?

When the Hermit Tarot card is reversed, it points to a possible overindulgence in isolation. The reversed Hermit encourages you to reconnect with the world, while also recognizing the value of introspection and self-reflection. Too much of either can be detrimental, but a healthy balance of the two can bring significant benefits. 

When it's time, you've gotta let go and keep going. It could also mean you feel uneasy in social settings. Get back out there without fear. 

But if The Hermit is reversed, it may mean you're avoiding taking a look at yourself out of fear of what you'll find. It could mean you're too invested in one thing or person, or that your views are too strict.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

In a Yes or No Tarot reading, the Hermit is usually a sign of "no" unless the question being asked is related to seeking spiritual insight or focusing on oneself. In this case, the Hermit serves as a warning to stop.

It's not to say that you won't be able to get what you desire eventually, but you must be ready before that can occur.

The Hermit Pairings and Combinations

The Hermit's energy encourages the creation of something new, as well as the cultivation of creativity. It is like a mother teaching her child, even though some of the lessons may be difficult to learn.

Here are a few combinations that may seem mixed in messaging.

The Hermit and Temperance

When combined, The Hermit and Temperance cards suggest that we must create balance in our lives by looking inward and finding ways to make peace with our own inner needs and feelings. This can be accomplished by cultivating a sense of mindfulness, understanding, and moderation, enabling us to move forward in a more balanced and harmonious way.

The Hermit is a great mentor as we journey through our own self-exploration. They can offer us clarity and insight when we are feeling overwhelmed or confused. This union of cards urges us to look within ourselves to discover the balance of forces that will ultimately bring us serenity both internally and externally.

The Hermit and The Star

When the Hermit and Star cards are united, a wonderful instant of creative imagination is formed. The Hermit encourages us to look deep within our souls for answers. This can provide us with comfort, memory, and understanding. 

The Star elicits a feeling of optimism, granting us the power to envision a more promising tomorrow. Collectively, these cards typically hint at a time of personal growth that can lead to profound change.

The Hermit's illuminated path illumines us as we muse upon the profound queries of life—our real capacity and our future; while the Star brings solace in her assurance that brilliant prospects await us beyond the skyline. When this duo appears, perhaps it is a signal to rely on yourself and the cosmos, believing that all will work out as it is meant to be.

Let the energy of these cards fill you with a deep understanding that even if obstacles arise along your path, there will always be hope and light at the end of every tunnel.

If you're finding yourself in a state of confusion or struggle concerning your spiritual beliefs, you may come across these two concepts in your readings. If you're moving from traditional religious practices to a more ancestral-based path, have confidence in the journey; it takes a great amount of bravery to move from social practices you're expected to keep up with to those you're doing intuitively with your own welfare in mind.

The Hermit and The Sun

The combination of the Hermit and the Sun cards is a powerful combination that symbolizes success, self-discovery, and guidance. The Sun card’s energies indicate that your hard work and focus are paying off, while the Hermit encourages you to trust in your own intuition and seek guidance from within. This optimistic combination is symbolic of hope for the future—it suggests that success is within reach if you listen to your heart and continue on the path that feels true for you.

When this combination appears in a reading, it serves as a reminder to pause and appreciate how much progress you have made. Celebrate your successes as a reward for your efforts and have trust that everything will work out as it should. Approach any new experiences with an open mind and an optimistic outlook. 

Believe in your own strength to craft something beautiful and meaningful that will bring you happiness.

The Hermit Relationship With Virgo♍

The Hermit is generally associated with Mercury, Saturn, and Virgo, and refers to the wisdom of the underworld, being alone, and the deepest parts of our souls. To reach our goals, we must strive for the highest point of the mountain, where understanding and serenity can be found. 

Yet, it is Pluto that reveals the card's true purpose: to learn to heal and forgive ourselves, to surpass our past and our family's history, and to practice self-care and tranquility in order to make progress in our lives.

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