What Is The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning?

Love, unity, partnership, communication, and choices—these are all aspects of The Lovers tarot card. After learning the lessons of the Hierophant around traditions, values, and beliefs, it is time for you to make up your own mind.

The Lovers card asks you to explore your own desires and values. Do they align with those of your partner? Are you engaging in open and honest conversations in your relationships? Trust and connection at the highest level are the foundation of this Major Arcana card.

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Pictured: The Lovers art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

The Lovers Tarot Interpretation

The Lovers card is more than a card of romantic interests. This card reflects our relationships with ourselves, others, and spiritual ancestors. This is the needle on your moral compass, so to speak.

As a card that encourages you to follow your heart, don’t ignore your intuition in favor of idealized scenarios. The Lovers card tells us about our self-perception, interactions with others, and ethical principles that should steer our decisions. Typically, The Lovers card brings positive and motivating messages about community, as well.

Approach every new meeting with someone new as an opportunity to learn. Be open to receiving love, because if you’re too closed off, you may find your relationships falter. 

Another major factor to consider when you see this card is timing. The Lovers card will appear at all stages of a relationship to help with your decisions. When you’re searching for a partner or going into a new stage in your career, lean into self-reflection when you see The Lovers in a tarot reading.

Let’s take a closer look at what this major arcana can teach you.

Career and Financial Guidance

Love and compassion are desperately needed in the business world–and yet it often seems contradictory to making profit. When you look at it from a logical standpoint, business is a passion. For many, their business is a labor of love.

The Lovers card may show you the way towards a new passion of yours; one that aligns with your true self and what you love doing. Even if the work is hard and redundant, your business can feed your soul through all of the people you touch along the way.

Creative endeavors are often sparked off the guidance of The Lovers tarot card. Whether it’s from a simple one-card pull or an in-depth reading, this is a call for prioritizing self-expression. What gets your creative juices flowing?

Sometimes these creative career choices may seem unclear, so listen to what other cards accompany The Lovers in a reading. Don’t become too risk-avoidant and believe in yourself. Others will recognize your passion and will want to be a part of it, as long as you stay confident.

The Lovers in Love and Relationships

If you have questions about your romantic interests, you might feel conflicted between your previous mindset and a newfound perspective gained through experience. However, this marks the initial phase of a significant spiritual awakening. Develop your own personal values and beliefs and determine what holds significance for you.

Your relationship will challenge your decision-making skills. The Lovers card, symbolizing "choice," will frequently remind you to prioritize the well-being of the relationship over trivial disputes. Your intuition must supersede these tests of the ego and your relationship.

Your spiritual connection may occasionally require you to set boundaries, stand your ground, or express anger–all parts of a healthy relationship. 

Physical and Spiritual Health

The Lovers tarot card can represent more than just romance and love when it comes to health. It symbolizes the importance of developing your personal beliefs and values, regardless of societal norms, and finding inner harmony. Although it's not a common card in health readings, seeing The Lovers usually indicates that you have support during this time.

It may also suggest a health issue with a body part or an organ that has a pairing, such as the kidneys, lungs, arms, legs, or eyes.

Furthermore, The Lovers card can serve as a sign of hope during times of grief or loss, particularly in matters of the heart. It emphasizes the significance of natural solutions and longevity for maintaining balance in your health. It's also essential to consider your relationship with food and your connection to the natural world when dealing with physical health issues.

What Does The Lovers Reversed Mean?

Have you been feeling out of balance and out of sync lately? Perhaps work has been taking up too much of your time, leaving you with little energy for your personal life. Maybe you've been so caught up in a new relationship that you've neglected your friendships. 

Or, you might be putting others' needs before your own. Whatever the case may be, it's not sustainable for your long-term health. It's time to take a step back and evaluate the situation. The Lovers card in reverse is your sign to realign what is out of harmony in your life’s path.

Reflect on what you've been sacrificing or overlooking and take responsibility for your actions. We all make mistakes, and this is an opportunity to make things right by adjusting the energy and offering a sincere apology if necessary.

Open up your inner subconscious and start a dialog. If you’re able to get comfortable with having an honest conversation with yourself, you can start reversing what is out of order in your life.  

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

We often see The Lovers show up in a one-card pull if we’re on the right path. It isn’t considered a firm ‘yes’ as some other cards in the deck. It does mean the future looks bright, so keep on going and remember to check in periodically with yourself and what your spirit is telling you.

The Lovers Pairings and Combinations

The Lovers in tarot spreads always add a new layer to the collective reading. The Lovers tarot card can have various interpretations, so tarot readers typically take stock of the surrounding cards to gain a clearer understanding of what your Higher Self is trying to communicate about your present circumstances. 

When combined with other Major Arcana cards, the message becomes even more potent; it's not always about love, of course.

The Lovers and The High Priestess

“Follow your heart.” is a phrase that encapsulates both The High Priestess card as well as The Lovers. Underlying thoughts and feelings must come to the surface if you see these two tarot cards side by side. The Lovers tarot card wants you to go with your gut and The High Priestess usually accompanies a difficult decision where you’re asked to choose between tradition and intuition.

This is a great tarot pairing if you are looking for a way out of financial strife. Your hard work and responsibility will pay off, as long as you are staying true to who you are. Now, if you’ve already experienced a bit of a financial upswing, be careful with irresponsible or gratuitous spending.

The High Priestess is telling you to achieve harmony in your spiritual life. Incorporate more meditation and take breaks throughout your day to be still. If you are constantly exposed to other voices and energy, you may lose touch with your own intuition.

The Lovers and The Wheel of Fortune

This combination is telling you to trust the process and stick with life’s ups and downs. At the same time, it could show you that you’re ready for a new beginning. You should not feel obligated to continue riding along if the spark is no longer there.

This advice holds true in romantic, creative, and career relationships. Challenges should not break that bond with what you love unless there were already cracks forming. If you ignore those cracks, the resulting break will result in a more traumatic experience. 

If you feel ready to continue or get off of the Wheel, The Lovers will accompany you along the next opportunity. Don’t go into these things alone, though. It’s important to have support when times feel uncertain or filled with doubt.

The Lovers and The Devil

The Devil card is similar to the Lovers card, as both show two naked figures. However, in the Devil card, the angel is replaced by a devil and the light is replaced by darkness. These cards are reflections of each other and represent an upcoming significant change.

This combination may also indicate that you are in a passionate yet destructive relationship. It is important to pay attention to warning signs of an abusive relationship.

In reality, the early stages of a new relationship are often filled with passionate love. As your affection for the other person grows, your passion may intensify and eventually reach its peak. Over time, this passion may diminish and develop into a more caring and supportive form of love. Do not confuse passion with compassion; lust with love.

The Lovers Relationship With Libra and Gemini♎♊

Harmony between two people represents The Lovers, which matches perfectly with Libra, the astrological representation of justice and balance. The planet Venus is ruled by both Libra and Taurus signs.

Naturally, the relationship with The Lovers card is also complex, often attributed to the twin sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury and fire. What does all this mean for Libras and Geminis?

Libras’ charisma and loving personalities are reflective of The Lovers in tarot. They have a natural flow of things, as air signs, and are not easily contained. Meanwhile, Geminis’ are also sociable and enjoyable to talk to. They have a large network of friends and loved ones who are involved in their relationships.

Both Libras and Geminis must balance their desire for freedom and self-expression with empathy and humility or risk potential misunderstanding and missed opportunities.

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