What Does The High Priestess Card Mean?

Did you know the Sumerian High Priestess, Enheduanna, is the world’s first known author and one of the first documented names of a woman? She lived over 4300 years ago, but her 42 hymns live on in immortality. Her name translates to En- (high priestess) to the God, Nanna. 

Her work is seen as a dedication to a higher power, which is in essence what The High Priestess tarot card represents. The second Major Arcana is less about taking action, as with The Magician, or honing your energy towards the next phase in your life. The High Priestess is all about taking a step back and analyzing what is around you.

Let’s explore more about what The High Priestess card means and what tapping into a higher purpose looks like.

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Pictured: The High Priestess art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

The High Priestess Tarot Interpretation

If you encounter The High Priestess in a tarot card reading, it’s usually going to mean there’s a need for some kind of introspection. Don’t confuse this with intellectualizing your problems, as we often do enough of that already. Instead, The High Priestess urges you to trust your intuition and learn from past experiences.

You will likely see her appear when a big decision is coming up or after a long period of stagnation. You cannot control every aspect of your life, no matter how much you try. It is how you adapt to things that are out of your control that makes you successful. 

Trusting the process and reflecting on what you have in front of you will open up new pathways previously unknown to you.

Career and Financial Guidance

For this area in our lives that is more impersonal and disconnected from our subconsciousness, The High Priestess card is a reminder to never settle and choose careers or investments that you’re passionate about.

This isn’t a card that is going to give you business advice or a path to wealth, but she will keep you on the path toward long-term success by prioritizing knowledge and self-worth. Ask yourself, what is holding you back from achieving financial success or finding that career that feels less like work and more like living?

The High Priestess provides you with valuable tools for figuring out the answers to these questions when certain pairings appear in a reading.

The High Priestess in Love and Relationships

The theme for love and relationship questions answered by The High Priestess card is self-love and self-respect. It may be a tough pill to swallow if you’re looking for ways to ‘fix’ a relationship or find the perfect companion. It’s always harder to do introspection, rather than imposing wants, needs, and desires onto others.

As the ultimate form of self-reflection, The High Priestess asks for you to take a break and stop forcing things to happen in relationships that aren’t working. Sounds simple enough, right? This is a good example of how this tarot card is unique in that it asks you to stop, take a breath, and listen to what it is you truly want and need.

Learning to master this level of humility and patience will empower you to not only push forward through difficult times, but also know when to pull back to allow them to pass. Fall in love with the mantra: “this, too, shall pass.”

Physical and Spiritual

The next thing you should take into account is the ability to listen to what your body is telling you. Oftentimes we listen too much to what others think we should do. For those who feel fine, physically, this is your reminder to be proactive and get a regular check-up.

The High Priestess stands for both fertility and hormonal changes. For some, this may mean pregnancy is a possibility in a current or future relationship. For others, this card could call for centering or recalibration of your hormones. 

Our connection with ourselves is weaker when we have physical symptoms distracting us, and not every symptom is related to diet or exercise. Be present and keep track of environmental changes that can influence your inability to focus on your daily life, as well as your inner peace.

What Does The High Priestess Reversed Mean?

For The High Priestess card, the message is very clear if it is pulled in reverse in a tarot reading. You must work to listen deep down to what your intuition is telling you. This means reducing all the distractions and noise around you.

This could mean taking a break from social outings, reducing work hours or using up vacation time at work, and spending your free time alone in a quiet space. Remember: it’s okay to do nothing. If you’re constantly socializing or consuming entertainment, it’s nearly impossible to listen to what your spirit or subconscious is telling you. 

The High Priestess in tarot is one of the major spiritual ‘red flags’ to encounter in a reading. Don’t try to power through your feelings and emotions; stop to ask yourself why they’re there and what a resolution would look like.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

Because The High Priestess represents acceptance, it acts as a confirmation in a one-card pull. This answer may also be interpreted with the caveat to proceed if the question at hand is aligned with your spiritual desires. 

A good example of this situation is pursuing a career change or advancement, but only if it doesn’t come at the expense of others. While people compete for better opportunities all the time, being cutthroat doesn’t always work in your favor.

The corporate “Lord of the Flies” behavior may work in the short term, but someone’s always ready to take your place.

The High Priestess Pairings and Combinations

Although the High Priestess meaning is fairly simple in messaging on its own, when paired with other tarot cards, it can take on new directions. These are some examples of big energies coming into view when paired with The High Priestess herself.

The High Priestess and Judgment

In the most literal of readings, this card combination says to look at your past and reflect on mistakes and triumphs. It may also reveal a conflict between your past and present, depending on the questions being asked. 

In broader terms, you must find a balance between the physical and spiritual world. This means you cannot ignore your surroundings, nor can you ignore your spiritual purpose. 

In your personal relationships, are you able to voice your thoughts freely? Is your partner or friend on equal grounds or do they express very little? These are questions you must answer honestly in order to achieve a balance between your conscious and subconscious.

Think of the pairings of these two energies as your inner thoughts and what actually gets verbalized. The desires within and the knowledge to fulfill them.

The High Priestess and the Star

Do you have lofty goals? Are you always thinking about new ways to create, connect, and explore your potential? You will find plenty in common with The High Priestess and the Star.

Spirituality is the primary thread that ties these two tarot cards together. It signals to tap into your higher-power, to have faith in yourself, and take stock of your energy. It is both a selfish and generous combination of energy.

The Star card gives birth to new opportunities and usually follows a period of abundance. Use this abundance to launch yourself into a new chapter in your life, as well as the lives of others. It is a tarot pairing that often indicates a time of financial growth, new businesses, and new friends. The power of spiritual abundance in this example multiplies as your optimism and faith inspire others.

The High Priestess and The Emperor

On the surface, this pairing of cards represents a conflict or indecision taking place within. It represents a strong will paired with a soft voice. One should not overpower the other.

This dynamic is easily observed in our personal relationships as well as business. If you rule with an Iron Fist, expect revolt and feelings of resentment to build. Can you deliver a strong message with finesse?

Mastering the ability to harness one’s masculine and feminine energies presents a level of independence and confidence that we notice in trendsetters and leaders who buck traditional thought, i.e. Willow and Jaden Smith, breaking gender and child star norms.

The High Priestess Relationship With Cancer♋

The High Priestess is ruled by The Moon, which is shared by Cancers. The Moon is synonymous with emotional and healing energies. All water signs share a strong connection to others and carry a great deal of empathy.

For Cancer signs, it is important not to remain dormant with your feelings and emotions. The High Priestess wants you to take an active role in your spiritual journey and maintain constant communication with your deeper self.

The High Priestess card protects us from bad influences and immoral paths. It is important to resist overwhelming thoughts of pessimism and withdrawal because of this gift of intuition from The High Priestess.

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