What Does the Strength Card Mean?

If you're a Leo zodiac sign, you should not be surprised to see a direct connection to the Strength card. The fire that burns deep within represents our power, both physically and mentally. Strength is resilience, courage, and passion.

While it may seem like a very one-dimensional or basic card to interpret, the Strength card meaning can change, depending on the situation and questions being asked.

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Pictured: The Strength Card art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

Strength Card Tarot Interpretation

The world is often saturated in messages of being strong, overpowering, and overcoming obstacles. But, successful wielding of strength requires more than just brute force. Experience can overcome pure strength in many different practices, such as wrestling, team sports, or working with your hands in various trade skills.

To harness your strength, you must practice self-control and patience. Seeing the Strength card in any tarot card reading is affirming, and can be powerful when applied correctly.

Career and Financial Guidance

The Strength card will appear in a reading as a signifier of leadership. This may indicate a time for asserting your leadership skills or simply a reminder to be confident in your abilities. It's telling you to stop hesitating or minimizing your presence in your career, go for that promotion, or set the bar high in your own respective business.

Managing your money is important to Leos, as it is for anyone doing a reading for advice on finances. The Strength card wants you to make confident and calculated choices with your finances.

Don't be afraid of making large purchases or investments, as long as they are not impulsive or done under pressure. Those who make great returns on big investments do so with plenty of time and resources to grant them the confidence they need.

Strength in Love and Relationships

While the tarot Strength card for career advancement may require powering through and standing tall, when it comes to love and relationships, it calls for some vulnerability. Through opening up more, you make yourself more available to others.

This requires the strength to trust or forgive others in order to grow and move onto new relationships. Find your inner-strength to overcome the ego, finding the patience and tact to connect with those on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Some great ways to apply oneself after receiving the Strength card as guidance is to get involved in an inner-strength ritual. Meditation, exercise, and artistic expression are all great ways to channel Strength in a positive and mindful way as you navigate your relationships.

Physical and Spiritual Strength

Continuing off the topic of ritual and self-expression, spiritual strength in tarot is all about the connection to self. The stronger your spiritual connection, the greater control you have over the physical world.

Seeing the Strength card come up in a reading with concern about your health means you're on the right track; this is true whether you're already incorporating changes to your diet and lifestyle or not. The important part is that you're giving your time and energy into improving your strength.

Strengthening the bonds between mind, body, and spirit is a life-long process, so do not rush into it. Think about all the New Year's Resolutions that do not manifest or stall out quickly.

One cannot will their body to change without the spiritual ties to that process.

What Does the Strength Card Reversed Mean?

If you pull a Strength card in reverse, that usually means you're overflowing with fire energy. This excess in Strength is exhibited on the outside as a lack of control over behavior and emotions.

That's not to say you should self-censor or hold back your emotions, but to channel them effectively and in the right directions. For some, this may mean that you lack proper outlets for you to express these emotions that wind up getting you into trouble or upsetting others.

If you bottle up your inner-strength, it will only frustrate you, cause resentment towards others, jealousy, and unnecessary conflicts borne out of ego.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

This card is your affirmation, a firm "Yes" to continue on the path you are traveling. It's also telling you to retain control and to not let too many outside factors or players influence your decisions.

Understand your power and tap into it to find that person, that opportunity, and the road to your destination.

Pairings and Combinations

When it comes to powerful tarot card readings and combinations, the Strength card is like adding gasoline to a fire or an ignition to an energy you weren't aware of. Some pairings with Strength may come as worrisome or confusing, at first. Here are a few examples to watch out for:

Strength and The Magician

One may interpret this combination as the Lion moving in the shadows. What it expresses is a mastery over one's environment and demeanor. A person who moves with confidence and calculation.

You'll want to use caution if you find yourself with this pairing in response to questions of love, trust, or business investments. The Magician card when paired with Strength indicates a complexity underneath a powerful exterior. Think of very impressionable and persuasive personalities.

The notorious "confidence man" is an extreme expression of Strength and The Magician. With great power comes great responsibility. This pairing encourages you to navigate your way through an ideal career and new relationships.

Strength and The Devil

Taming your strength is kind of like taming your own "devil". While often associated with negative traits, The Devil is more about determination and asserting oneself. The Devil card is a reminder to practice setting boundaries, moving with intention, but all in a pragmatic way.

They say that The Devil never sleeps, which is a great way to describe an envious work ethic and a principled individual. Seeing this pairing could mean that you need to find your own inner-Devil, or a companion who will compliment your own firey energy.

Strength and The Lovers

Seeing this combination come up in a reading may highlight the need for emotional strength in your journey. In a very individualistic society, we must not forget the power of community and empathy. You may feel like you don't have enough to fill another's cup, but

The Lovers card signifies you will acquire new Strength through your actions.

This rings true for both personal and professional relationships. When we talk of "networking" as a means to find new opportunities, it sterilizes the process of building relationships. The best meetings take place in spontaneous, passionate, and considerate situations.

Volunteer work, internships, or just taking a night class at a local college may spark that newfound love, shared with a new group of peers.

Strength Card Relationship With Leo♌

The one with the mane roars to advertise its strength; however, a lion's real strength is expressed with a quiet, deadly force. Leos are notorious for being fearless and outgoing, but it is how they nurture and master their inner-strength which makes them most successful.

Leos have a powerful gift of strength that often turns them into leaders, whether they choose to be one or not. We naturally gravitate towards the outgoing nature of Leos, but trouble can arise when this strength is not tamed and used in tactful ways.

As a Leo, remain grounded and determined through faith in practice, spiritual guidance, and a community that understands you underneath the firey exterior.

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