What Does The Magician Card Mean?

After the discovery and excitement born from The Fool's Journey, we introduce structure and foundational building with The Magician card. This tarot card is where actual magic is conjured; it represents manifesting your dreams and goals.

Successful channeling of energy from The Fool begins with setting intentions and making it known to the universe what you want.

So, how can this card actually help you manifest your dreams? Take a look behind the curtain for a better understanding of The Magician tarot card meaning.

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Pictured: The Magician Card art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

The Magician Tarot Card Interpretation

If you don't know where to start on the next leg of your journey, The Magician is where you begin brainstorming ideas and connecting the dots. This tarot card advises you to ask questions and explore new ideasstart putting pen to paper and get those thoughts out of your head.

Every brilliant mind needs an outlet for their creative energythat's the process of manifestation.

You will likely see The Magician card when you're feeling overwhelmed or anxious in life. It's time to learn how to harness this overwhelming energy and turn it into your own power.

Career and Financial Guidance

Sometimes The Magician can appear when you feel unprepared for a new position or financial investment. Take, for example, a brand that you've been planning out in your head for years, but feel woefully unprepared to start it yourself. The Magician is telling you now is the time to launch it.

You don't need to have the perfect launch to achieve success. You also don't need to wear all the hats of a business in order to get it off of the ground.

Whatever money you are able to put away every month for assembling a team or outsourcing the pieces of the puzzle will eventually lead to a strong foundation. In tarot, the manifestation of dreams isn't some complex formula or esoteric practice, it's about putting thoughts into action and listening to messages that you come across.

The Magician in Love and Relationships

How does one manifest love or relationships? You can take The Magician in a tarot card reading as a literal sign to start looking into love magic rituals or as a sign of self-preparation. Love magic is very powerful, but also very popular among those wanting to take a more active role in their spiritual life.

For everyone else, there comes a great satisfaction when you've successfully removed all the cobwebs and emotional baggage to let the right one in. The Magician card will tell you it is time to turn up the charisma and let go of outdated inhibitions. For tarot readings that question current relationships, this card will always appear when there's an overabundance of Mercury energy (The Magician's ruling planet).

This could mean using caution when navigating your relationships or trusting others. More on that below in the Reversal section.

Physical and Spiritual Health

The Magician is a great card to spark your plan of action toward improving your health. As the card of manifestation, you may encounter it in a reading if you are going through an illness. It's also commonly seen when unpacking mental health issues that were unknown or suppressed while growing up.

We see this as an opportunity to start taking ownership of our own health, rather than going along with what society has taught us. For example, think about how many different forms of physical exercise there are; there is no wrong or right way to strengthen your body. Blame gym-culture and fatphobia for leading so many of us astray.

Doing your own research and finding alternative means to heal is a heavy task, but this is how you begin to understand your body and listen to what its telling you it needs. Listening to your body is partly physical and partly spiritual.

You need to have a clear mind and have built up a rapport with your own subconscious. Look into doing some grounding rituals if you have trouble trusting your inner-voice. This spiritual confidence is necessary for harnessing The Magician's manifestation.

It's time to find your own power and get out there and grab it!

What Does The Magician Reversed Mean?

As we explore the ways in which The Magician gives us the green-light to manifest our desires, it can become a warning sign for others' desires. When The Magician is reversed, it's signaling possible manipulation or negative influences around you. For personal relationships, this could come as a surprise to some, as their means of influence may not be overt.

Those who have selfish reasons for helping you may not always be sinister, but it is worth staying on guard. For business relationships, The Magician is everywhere, but it becomes a bigger issue when you allow yourself to sacrifice your own time and mental health for those who do not respect you.

The Magician card may also indicate a need for work on your higher self to reach your full potential. A classic example of holding yourself back and not realizing your own goals and dreams is the Imposter Syndrome. To break through these mental barriers, it is important to practice being kind and honest with yourself; plot your successes, not just your failures.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

The Magician reads as a "yes" in a one-card pull. It usually matches what you've already suspected deep down inside. You are on the right track, but it's up to you to manifest the results.

The Magician Card Combinations

There are many layers added to any tarot reading that includes The Magician card paired with others. This card will lend some navigation and calls to action with regards to other cards that accompany it. Here are some good examples to take note of:

The Magician and The Empress

A beautiful metamorphosis is waiting to happen. This can come in the form of a new artistic endeavor, creation of a new business or career opportunity, or, for some this could mean in the literal sense: a new life. The Empress Card blesses us with fertile opportunities, while The Magician is telling us to prioritize finding the best path to attract and follow them.

Taking advantage of this tarot card pairing may require stepping outside of your comfort zone, becoming more spontaneous, or even turning down offers that don't resonate with you. It's time to prioritize ourselves so that we are in the best positions to receive the gifts as revealed by The Empress card.

Expect new experiences, new financial changes, and new ideas for your patience. Embrace them and use that momentum to lead you to the big changes you've been waiting for in your life.

The Magician and The World

The World is yours as the conjurer. We all have the power to change it and impact others in a significant way. It's just a matter of faith and determination.

The World and Magician cards will also come together to highlight achievement of a major milestone in your life in the near future. There is also a word of caution to prevent others from blurring your world with incompatible or potentially manipulative energy.

Whatever you do, don't let success turn your worldview upside-down. Don't allow greed and fame to write your story. 

Also, this pairing could be telling you to get out and explore the world in a literal sense, too. Traveling feeds the spirit, so make it your priority!

The Magician and Strength

Seeing these two cards in any reading is a double-edged sword. It is an acknowledgment of power from within and the confidence to wield it. How this power is used is what matters.

Life is often not just obvious good or bad situations. Our needs and desires can complicate decisions and lead us into those gray areas of uncertainty. 

Work on expressing your intentions within yourself and towards others. This practice of intent and communication works two-fold. 

One, it protects you from being manipulated by others who recognize your Strength. And two, it prevents distrust and feelings of intimidation by others who don't know you well.

The charismatic are gifted at bringing joy into our lives, but the ego can quickly turn that gift into a curse for the world around them.

The Magician Card Relationship With Gemini and Virgo♊♍

The Magician card is ruled by the planet Mercury. Both Virgo and Gemini signs are ruled by Mercury, as well. What does this mean for your lifepath, if you fall under one of these signs? Firstly, you must navigate obstacles tactfully and through careful negotiation.

Both Virgos and Geminis are no strangers to feeling that they are "too much" for some. This is due to their strong willpower and means of communication. They are very open and vocal about their feelings and desires. This blessing can sometimes be a curse, as it attracts those who may look to take advantage of such honest and powerful energy.

Take care of the now infamous Mercury Retrograde, aka Mercury is in Gatorade. Whenever its orbit is in reverse (from Earth's perspective), issues with communication and feeling overwhelmed from responsibilities are more likely to happen. Remember to stop and take time for yourself before taking on new roles or responsibilities from others.

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