What Does the Justice Card Mean in Tarot?

What does the Justice card mean to you in a tarot card reading? Is it the reward or punishment of the subject to your question? 

The future of what justice looks like may differ completely from what the current penal system provides. As society looks for a more fair and just system that offers forgiveness and interpersonal answers, Restorative Justice appears as a solution. 

It is with this openness of interpretation that we approach the meaning of the Justice tarot card in a reading. Let’s take a look at how to interpret fairness, balance, and responsibility in both the questions and answers provided by this card pull.

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Pictured: Justice tarot card art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

Justice Tarot Interpretation

The Justice tarot card will find you if there is a moral dilemma or tough choice that you need to make a decision on. This card is often associated with legal proceedings and unforeseen challenges. You may not feel comfortable with this newfound responsibility, but this card is a reminder that the time is now to trust yourself.

The Justice card wants you to learn from your past mistakes and be honest about your intentions. If there is confusion in an area of your life, it means there is a conflict between your actions and your intuition. This card represents logic and careful consideration.

Don’t be surprised to see this card show up in a reading if you or someone close to you is behaving recklessly, irrationally, or practicing avoidance. The core traits of Justice become clearer when you analyze it through the lens of each major life category below.

Career and Financial Guidance

Career success and advancement are a series of decisions and personal choices. This is a tarot card asking you to make a decision and commit to it. Financial risk may sound scary, even if you’re in a comfortable position, but it may be necessary to obtain justice in your financial life.

For example, when you stay with a job that refuses to reward you for your hard work and dedication, the rest of your life can be thrown out of balance. The discomfort of having to make a decision to quit, or present an ultimatum to your boss, is only temporary. Don’t ignore the Justice card in a tarot reading—it’s there to motivate you to pursue your needs.

This card will also highlight potential imbalances in your personal and professional lives. Choosing work over family and friends may not always be your decision, but you should not make it a habit. 

Justice in Love and Relationships

Continuing on the themes of self-worth and personal desires, we must maintain the give-and-take dynamic in all of our relationships. Don’t sacrifice your own wants, needs, and time to yourself for others to the point where you are left empty. 

Do your relationships charge your life’s battery or leave you feeling depleted all the time?

When it comes to dating, the Justice tarot lesson is to find your own truth, rather than chase societal goals. We see this play out in marriages that are either forced upon two people as a means to appease family or for social status. If you feel as though you are “running out of time” and are embarrassed about being single: you are not honoring your truth.

A bigger problem with forced unions is that marriages are not only expensive at the beginning; divorce can involve a costly struggle, both financially and emotionally. The Justice card represents a necessary accounting of what you have and who you need in your life.

Physical and Spiritual Health

How strong is your sense of connection to both your physical and spiritual selves? Do you consistently prioritize caring for your well-being? The Justice tarot card, particularly in regards to health and spirituality, emphasizes the importance of achieving equilibrium in all aspects of life. 

It is often too easy to neglect your own health when dealing with life’s challenges. Finding the time to practice self-care is one of the most common hurdles. However, once you’ve found your own groove, you’ll start to learn how easy it is to say ‘no’ when you are asked to prioritize others. 

This is where you’ll feel like there is a spiritual guide helping you find your peace. This is a stark contrast to what most of us do currently, which is itemizing and compartmentalizing our days like a work schedule or to-do list. Personal health and growth should be intuitive and not require long and hard contemplation.

Whenever life is stressful, the best way to restore balance is by centering your own physical and spiritual practices. Sacrifice too much, and your body or spirit will tell you this cannot continue.

What Does Justice Reversed Mean?

The opposite of Justice in tarot is very clear; pulling this card in reverse means there is injustice in some aspect of your life. It can also warn of injustice witnessed, but not yet realized. If you lack consistency in your life, this card will also appear alongside others. 

Think of the Justice card as a red flag for any sort of exploitation or manipulation at play. It may also warn you of your own actions that may break moral or ethical boundaries. You probably didn’t need to see this card in a tarot reading to know you’re doing something wrong; your conscience has already weighed in on that.

Don’t try to run away from these warnings; eventually, Karma in all of its forms, will catch up to you. It is up to you to make peace and change your course in order to grow.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

Because justice is not always black-and-white in nature, this is a card that will not align with a clear yes or no answer. Cards that lack binary results, like the Justice card, instead ask you to meditate on what you are asking.

Determine the pros and cons of your choices and what justice looks like for you. Do the ends justify the means? Which answer do you truly desire to see? 

Now, ask yourself why you want to see that answer so much. If you are indifferent, then that could be the reason why you’re seeing this card for a simple Y or N tarot pull.

Justice Pairings and Combinations

Obtaining justice in various areas of your life is akin to finding peace or your place in the world. In a more inclusive and accepting society, 

The concept of Justice centers around receiving what is rightfully yours and experiencing the consequences of your actions, whether they are positive or negative. Additionally, when paired with other cards, Justice symbolizes impartiality, honesty, and legal conflicts. Below are some of the key combinations involving the Justice tarot card.

Justice and The Hierophant

We see this combination of tarot cards often when there is a power imbalance between conventional wisdom and spiritual guidance. Sometimes we place too much emphasis on the order of things and we don’t listen to our gut. One example is planning our personal lives in the same way as our office lives.

When you tap into your spiritual intuition, you are rewarded with a calmer presence of mind and self-confidence. The Hierophant and Justice cards come together to reward you with opportunities in the form of divine timing. Remember, this isn’t something you can control directly, but it is a form of manifestation on a grand scale.

Justice and The Chariot

The Chariot card is like the ultimate personal trainer, pushing us towards determination, willpower, and progress. And Justice is like the ultimate judge, keeping us in check with balance, fairness, and, well, justice. Together, they're like the dynamic duo of the tarot world, reminding us to stay on our chosen path with integrity and focus. 

Because let's face it, nobody wants to be caught with their pants down when karma comes knocking. And speaking of knocking, The Chariot's got our back with all the strength and perseverance we need to plow through any obstacles in our way. Just keep your eyes on the prize; progress is attainable, as long as you don't lose your will to attain it.

Justice and Judgment

To get justice, judgment must be fair and precise. Many try to avoid judgment to either hide from others or avoid accountability. This is a difficult tarot card combination to encounter because the answer isn’t always easy or straightforward at first.

In order to heal and move on, though, you will need to overcome your fears of judgment. The Justice card is about the discovery of truth, which requires honesty with those whom you love and respect. 

If your professional or personal relationships lack a level of honesty or respect, these two cards will appear as a form of foreshadowing of what is to come. Whether your relationship status will improve or decline remains to be seen, but it will change eventually.

Justice Relationship With Libra♎

The symbol Libra is represented by the Scales of Justice. It is the Libra’s journey to maintain balance and compassion for others. Justice is only important in legal or academic settings.

A system of justice is required throughout life in order to achieve a fair and compassionate society of individuals. Libra signs lean on their intuitive nature of a life of harmony and balance. The Justice tarot card works in tandem with Libra’s ruling planet Venus, which is empowered with love and feminine energy.

For Libras who may struggle with indecisiveness, you are probably all too familiar with these Scales of Justice; every decision matters to you. Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself, take your time, and your respect will be gained.

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