What Does The Fool Card Mean?

The modern tarot card deck includes its own life story, known as "The Fool's Journey" that is told through all 22 of the Major Arcana cards. If you read about each one of these cards, from beginning to end, you may find similarities with major Hollywood films, Greek Tragedies, and Shakespearean plays.

We're still waiting for that blockbuster film to bring tarot cards to life, but the classic anime The Vision of Escaflowne uses all 22 major arcana in each of their episodes.

The first card in the deck, The Fool card, introduces our inexperienced and youthful protagonist. This card also represents Aquarius signs out there, so you will find the meaning of The Fool card resonates with you in many ways. 

Keep reading to learn what this card means to you if you ever happen to see it pop up in a tarot card reading.

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Pictured: The Fool Card art from Dust 2 Onyx Tarot Deck

The Fool Card Tarot Interpretation

The Fool represents all of us at some point and time in our lives. We don't always associate The Fool with negative or bad traits. The Fool card is excitement, the anticipation of something new, and the pouring of energy into a new chapter in life.

As we get older, we often lose that child-like exuberance for the world. We'd rather not look foolish, but it is The Fool that keeps us young and engaged with our world. The journey of The Fool is never-ending and all-encompassing.

Career and Financial Guidance

If you're asking for guidance in your career or financial future, The Fool wants you to venture off into new opportunities and think outside of the box. You must follow your heart and listen to your dreams. I recommend keeping a journal on the nightstand, so that you can record your dreams and see if they inspire your passions.

Finding something that ignites your passion will open you up to new ideas, which could mean moving across the country to land a new job or quitting your job to start a business. This new path may be hidden from you if you don't listen to your inner-child.

The Fool in Love and Relationships

We often hear about love described alongside foolish decisions or doing things out of character. But, the things we do for others while in love is a perfect example of The Fool card's influence. The Fool is a common sight among readings where love is in question; we all want help navigating it.

The meaning of the Fool for love should be taken in the positive, not as a personal indictment. It means you are open-minded, empathetic, and you have a lust for adventure and new experiences.

Use this as inspiration to widen your search for love and pay less mind to outside actors who may become over-protective or cynical with your dating life.

Physical and Spiritual

The Fool card is a strong source of spiritual energy. It is the emergence of a new spirit, marking the start of new exploration and uninhibited growth. Take this as a sign to express your spirituality in a way that makes you happy and comfortable.

Those who have never explored their spiritual side in detail will find a practice like yoga to be very fulfilling and uplifting. Any activity that forces you to quiet your inner-monologues and focus on the here-and-now will scratch that itch for both spiritual and physical connection.

We listen to The Fool during times of uncertainty or inexperience. A path that is unclear only reveals itself through trial-and-error, producing confidence in one's own abilities and moving with intention.

All that matters is taking that first step in front of you to move towards a healthier body and spirit.

Embrace your inner-fool and Just Do It! This is your story, don't let rigid guides and numbers dictate your journey.

What Does The Fool Card Reversed Mean?

You may have heard the proverb "A fool and his money are soon parted." It's a word of caution for anyone who spends recklessly, as they are easily tricked or persuaded to buy things that have no use or value. No matter the questions being asked in your reading, a reversed Fool will appear when it's time to make a decision based on a pattern or history that needs reflection.

You may end up looking foolish if you choose to ignore the signs in front of you.

Impulsive buying may put you into a situation where you must sacrifice your own quality of life, or those around you. Jumping into relationships and ignoring red flags may put you in danger, either physically or emotionally.

The Fool card in reverse means that immature energy can overflow and attract people looking to exploit it, cause you to go against your own intuitions, and derail you from your own life path.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

The Fool answer's you in the affirmative. It's telling you to not hesitate and go for what you want. For simple 'yes' or 'no' questions, you want to see The Fool at any stage in your journey.

Sometimes we may feel a bit of doubt in our abilities, especially when it's trying something completely different or without access to mentors' advice. The Fool is your Green Light to keep going and walk confidently through the doorway, as if you've already been there before.

The Fool Card Pairings and Combinations

The energy associated with birthing and the discovery of oneself makes for an exciting partner with other major tarot cards in the deck. In many ways, The Fool acts as a reminder to remain true to yourself when taking on different challenges in life.

Here is how you can interpret the meaning of The Fool paired with other cards:

The Fool and The Hierophant

Together, The Fool and The Hierophant cards represent a push and pull dynamic that may confuse the reader. With a clear understanding of the intention of the question being asked, this pairing gives a balanced POV for both freedom of choice and fate. These directions aren't in opposition if you are paying attention to when moderation is needed.

For example, say you are looking to take a much-needed vacation to a place you've never been before. This brand-new excitement embodies The Fool card, as does the spontaneous nature of such a trip.

The Hierophant is what brings this new adventure and experience into perspective. Plan your trip with safety and plenty of resources for the unexpected (loss of property, theft, cancelations, and etc.) The balance between being over-prepared and underprepared is important for maximizing both of these energies depicted in your reading.

The Fool and The Hermit

Another tarot card pairing that tends to balance at opposite ends of the scales, The Hermit card is your foundational energy combined with all other tarot cards. What it's directing you with The Fool card is to nurture and protect your personal space. Don't let the draining and often exploitive energy of our modern lives kill your inner-child or sense of self.

It is time to reconnect with yourself and find your truth from within before making any major decisions.

This pairing is especially important for those who struggle with mental health, financial stability, or relationship issues. Staying grounded and confident in yourself should be your priority.

The Fool and The Chariot

Take a ride on whatever new opportunity that has recently presented itself. That is the essence of The Fool with The Chariot in a tarot reading together. This charge forward feeds you the confidence you need to get started in a new job, relationship, or detachment from your past.

This pairing could also serve as a warning that something is coming up in your life soon to give you that extra push toward a better situation. Of course, not all forces of change are pleasant, but the end will justify the means while riding The Chariot.

Stay strong and continue feeding your spirit with positivity and trust in The Fool to start this new chapter.

The Fool Card Relationship With Aquarius♒

That new-new energy permeates through Aquarius signs on many levels. They ride that New Year energy and are heavily influenced by Uranus, a planet that represents creativity and unpredictability. For an Aquarius, use The Fool card as inspiration to tap into your passions and hidden potential by experimenting and taking that leap of faith.

Aquarius will likewise do well in life by listening to their own intuition and ignoring critiques of "foolishness" when choosing to do something that falls outside of the realm of orthodoxy.

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