DUST II ONYX UPDATE: Shipping Inquiries

DUST II ONYX UPDATE: Shipping Inquiries

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to send an update on my progress. I have been receiving emails, and there are a few of you who are frustrated, understandably so. June is here, and the anticipation for the release of this deck is real. Plus, so many of you invested your hard earned money in seeing this deck come to life. I know many of you have been waiting for an official update on the shipping date of the deck. I chose to not state a specific date until all designs were finished and sent to my printer. I felt that it'd be better than giving dates once again that I could not hold to.  As much as I try to plan things based on my own work ethic and what I know I'm able to accomplish, this project has taught me that life comes at you fast and every thing I originally plan can and will change. And it has tremendously. With that said, you WILL receive this deck this year. It will be towards the end of summer/early Fall.

This has been a test in patience from all sides. It's been a lot to carry especially knowing that other creators have failed many of you. Which is why I have stayed transparent throughout this process as much as I can. Please charge it to my heart and not my head if I haven't updated enough or you still feel out of the loop on anything. There's so much more work here than I originally thought and I apologize for not meeting my original deadline. 

Just to put things in perspective, its been roughly 9 months and during this time I've had to manage to:

  • Create all 78 paintings of each card by hand (I know some have assumed this was a digital project but it's not, they are all original 11x14 paintings). Some of which I've gone back into since writing the guidebook.
  • I'll be doing another painting for the back of the cards. (painting #79) I tried to do a digital backing and it did not work. I know some of you cast a vote on the backing of the card, but I made the decision to scrap both concepts to do something hand-crafted. I will share and ask for opinions to honor that voting system. 
  •  Design the packaging (painting #80). I could've went with something simplistic. But, the vision I have for the packaging is special. I want the package to look like as artistic and like the special gift this is for me as the artist and for everyone who uses the deck.
  •  Write a 250 page guidebook. My original intention was the usual little white booklet or black and white guidebook. I contemplated over and over if I should just release the guidebook separately and just print the decks so everyone doesn't have to wait. I can't do that. They're meant to go together. The guidebook will be just as much of a work of art as the cards and rich in information beyond the basic tarot interpretations.
  •  I continue to manage all aspects of the business which has been a learning process within itself. The only person working with me at the moment is my editor who's making sure that the book is clearly well written and properly cited in regards to any sources referenced. Otherwise, I've been a one woman show (aside form my partner who has been a tremendous help, especially with events I've participated in).
  • Where am I currently? Working on the guidebook. My editor has been working with me along the way since this is my first time writing a book. What's left from there is to lay out all the cards on the templates, design the packaging and designate all the areas that will feature spot gloss and gold foil for the printers. 

Aside from all of the above life has still gone on. I've still had to work my job and also managed to find a new job since it interfered with production. Tragedy has struck my family in so many different ways during this time and thankfully they've continued to maintain their strength and support. Most of all this project requires more than an artistic hand. The lessons that I've learned and the transformation I've experienced has also been a part of this process. It IS a spiritual work above all else so it does require a lot of growth from me. 

 I know many of you are worried about the money invested and whether it is being put to use. It's hard to know that b/c from your end you don't have anything tangible yet. Seeing the above now I hope you can understand that there has been 0 (zero) room for me to lay this project down in any way. You will get what you deserve and it WILL be glorious. I just ask your continued patience and prayers of support during this time. 

I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have so please feel free to comment on this update or send me a message. Love ya'll <3 

- Courtney

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