DUST II ONYX: On the Press Update

DUST II ONYX: On the Press Update

Hi Everyone!

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the lack of communication about progress these past several weeks. I know many of you have reached out and I'm still responding to your emails individually as I can get to them. My main priority has been seeing to production and working out the kinks I've encountered along the way. I didn't want to frustrate everyone by continuing to push out anticipated shipping dates until the deck was on the press (which it now is). I'm just as ready for DIIO 2nd Edition to be out in the world as you all are.

WHAT'S BEEN GOIN' ON? Scaling this project has felt like an uphill battle this year and I've been learning some tough lessons. There have been issues with my manufacturer I've worked to resolve and figuring out logistics has brought to light unforeseen costs for this project. (It ain't cheap ya'll!) I've continued to manage everything on my own which has proven to be my Achilles' heel in this entire process. So I'm finally manifesting the professional resources needed to see this through and maintain my sanity in the process.

WHEN WILL DECKS SHIP? As things currently stand, decks will arrive in the U.S. by end of December (my manufacturer is overseas). So decks are now projected to ship out in January. I will be consecrating and shipping all pre-orders myself (with some helping hands of course). It's been a longer than anticipated wait but please know I'm working my hardest to get decks out as soon as possible.

For those of you who need to update your address, please submit your address update form here.

PRE-ORDERS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! Please continue to share and let folks know! The 2nd Edition pre-orders are still available. After this pre-order period is over I will be increasing the cost of the deck. This is the last time DIIO will be sold at its current price. So, let folks know to get in early while they can!

VIDEO UPDATE LINK: https://youtu.be/lAJl5fpmyjE

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