Dust II Onyx is expanding!

Dust II Onyx is expanding!

If you haven't heard already . . . 

I'm starting an independent publishing company!

Once production is complete for Dust II Onyx Tarot, I will be putting my efforts into establishing a legitimate publishing firm. My mission is to provide a platform to minorities and marginalized artists who want to create healing and educational tools for their communities. There are so many gems out there who simply need support, coaching and resources — without feeling as if they have to allow themselves to be exploited — to bring their visions to life. Here's how you can help . . .

VOTE FOR ME @ http://bit.ly/votedust2onyx

 . . . to be the 2017 recipient of the Fedex Small Business Grant. The top prize winner receives $25,000 in grants as wells as $7,500 in credit for FedEx services. This is a HUGE opportunity to make the transition from a single tarot deck into a full company. Becoming a publisher and resource for artists is not something I can do by myself. I would need to contract lawyers, accountants, editors and other creative professionals. My goals are:

  • Firstly, that every artist has fair and documented protection of their creative rights (I don't wish to own anyone's work). I also want to ensure that artists receive fair compensation and royalties. This means lawyers and financial professionals would need to be involved.
  • That each project have the quality of production and exposure it deserves. As a fellow artist who has now done this on my own, i know it is not easy to balance creating with business management. My goal is to relieve the stress of the artist by coaching them through each phase of their project, hiring the creative professionals they need for marketing and quality control, and creating a harmonious relationship between everyone.
  • Most importantly, I want to push through the lack of representation we all have noticed in this industry. Not only is it important to have diversity in art, it's just as important to have diversity in the creators. Our energy, our souls, go into this work and I know now more than ever how deeply someone can connect with you through it. How valuable it is to relate to those who create the narratives you love. We need more books, cards, games, and other materials that uplift our communities, from those who have lived in our communities. That goes for minorities, LGBTQ, those with special needs whether physical or mental, the unconventional bodied, and especially those living at the intersections.

If you jive with this mission than please vote (every 24 hours if you can), share, and stay connected with me through this journey. All of your continued support means the world to me! Thank you! <3

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