Hi Everyone!

Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot is complete! These last few weeks wrapping it up have been especially hectic. Some of you are aware because of some photos I've shared on the social media pages. Beyond writing and creating the artwork, designing the packaging and book layout took some time to get perfect. In true Virgo fashion I agonized over every. single. detail. However, I believe in living with no regret so I refused to call it a wrap until I was 100% satisfied with everything. Below is a quick video with more detail. I've also included some quick points for those who can't watch it.


  • The deck is done, my birthday was this week (9/6) and hurricane Irma is coming my way. It's been an emotional rollercoaster of a week to say the least.
  • Decks will be shipping during November. I will work on shipping prints (for those who didn't order the deck as well) during September/October. In the coming weeks I'll be prepping for shipping and confirming addresses so make sure you keep an eye on your email.
  • Dust II Onyx will officially be published under Black & Sage Press, my independent publishing company. Black & Sage will be expanding to cater to other artists/writers to provide them resources to print and distribute their work. I'd like for it to be a non-profit publishing company that uses the majority of sales to fund the following group of artists each year. To kick things off I will be launching a Patreon with more details, so please sign up here for updates.

Needless to say I'm exhausted, ready for a vacay, but even more ready for all of the work to come. Thank you all for your support! I can't say it enough. This project wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for your investment in time, money, and spreading the word. I look forward to bringing more beauty and healing into your life, and this world. 

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