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Dust ll Onyx

When I first saw these cards on you tube I fell in love with them. When I actually received them in person and read the book I nearly cried actually I did as a woman of color it is so hard to see your self in tarot. Courtney you out did yourself girl you inspire me to the best me it is well worth the price very professional, elegant, pure,raw, and powerful. These cards help you work on your shadow self and they get straight to the point not sugarcoating anything . There is a lot of educational information in them about our people I just want to say Thank you and the ancestors for this gift

Gift of a Lifetime

My purchase was for a gift to a very close loved one who just happens to be on a journey of self development, love and personal growth. Gift was well received and powerful yet painstakingly truthful with the first use


I have been looking at these decks for a WHILE. I was hesitant to pay that kind of money but OMG am I glad I did! They are BEAUTIFULLY DONE! Easy to shuffle, gold trim, I just ADORE THESE TAROT CARDS.

Best tarot deck ever

This deck has all the elements I could ever dream of wanting: heart-stopping, awe-inspiring artwork; impeccable design, printing, card feel and presentation; an artist origin story I can connect with; a well written book with innovative, creative concepts. Thank you Ms. Alexander for birthing your masterpiece into this world. I pull readings from this deck every morning and I’m enjoying every moment of connecting with this work of heart.


I want to first say that I’ve wanted this deck since around the time it was first released and it’s been on my mind ever since. I was finally able to purchase it for myself and I could not be any happier; it’s truly such an incredible and powerful deck. having this deck in your hands feels like a warm hug from your ancestors. the handbook is incredibly beautiful and detailed as well


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