What Is the Meaning of the Temperance Card?

Did you know that your zodiac sign is ruled by its own tarot card from the Major Arcana? For Sagittarius, it's ruled by the Temperance card. The Temperance card, which represents inner-peace and balance, is a good match for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which is ruled by the urge to adventure and travel.

If you are new to tarot or astrology, this guide will open the door for you in understanding the Temperance card's meaning.

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Pictured: Temperance Card art from Dust2Onyx Tarot Deck

Temperance Card Interpretations

The word temperance is synonymous with balance, moderation, and restraint. If the temperance card is pulled facing upright, it is telling us to stand strong and resist making any rash decisions.

Temperance comes from within and must be practiced on a regular basis to achieve that balance. Take your time and give yourself the grace for finding your way in whatever part of your life that you seek guidance on. Temperance will show you how to stay calm and prepare yourself for moments of stress and uncertainty.

Career and Financial Guidance

If your tarot reading centers around career and financial advice, temperance demonstrates a word of caution against indulgence or jumping into a new career too fast. It's not to say don't consider taking any risks, rather to plan ahead and manage your finances first.

This could mean creating space in your budget for a big purchase, rather than worrying about it later. Before taking that leap of faith into a new career, make new connections to have support in your new landing. Remember, patience and hard work will be rewarded once everything is in alignment and you consider all your opportunities that come your way.

Besides, that major investment or ideal career choice may not even be realized yet; don't miss out on an opportunity by getting off the train too early!

Temperance for Love and Relationships

Because the Temperance card is centered on patience, moderation, and balance, it can foretell an upcoming time in your life of peace and a relationship of support. This is a very good card to pull alongside the Lovers card because it signifies a meeting of someone who compliments your energy.

If you've gone through recent turmoil or uncertainty with your relationships, Temperance indicates a time of reflection and correction. Think of this as a spiritual 'reset button' on your journey for love and compassion. In a present relationship, you and your partner should focus on finding common ground and taking steps to heal and grow from a difficult situation.

Physical and Spiritual Meaning

For tarot readings of the self, Temperance is a reminder that you are in good health and are on the right path, spiritually. It is also an indicator of caution, if you have questions about your diet or spiritual energy. Remember, you must moderate your spiritual give-and-take relationship, as well as your physical energy.

Learn how to protect your spiritual energy by incorporating Reiki healing into your daily routine.

What Does Temperance Reversed Mean?

The Temperance card dealt upside-down means that you are lacking balance or moderation in an area in your life. Use this opportunity to reflect and look at ways to restore this balance.

One common example is the work-life balance. This is an area we all have struggled to identify and correct in our lives. Some corrections you can take in this instance include using those PTO days instead of hoarding them, not checking work emails or texts on your days off, and setting boundaries for coworker relationships.

Wherever this imbalance resides, you must stay objective and honest with yourself to correct it. Try finding an Accountability Partner; someone who will motivate and keep you grounded.

Yes or No / One Card Tarot Pull

Temperance is a vote of confidence, but with caution applied. This tarot reading indicates to continue along the path you are on, but don't rush into it blindly. The Temperance card is reminding you to listen to your instincts, don't put all your eggs in one basket, and to always be careful.

Pairings and Combinations

When doing a full tarot card spread, the relationship of the cards is just as important as the individual meanings. Temperance shares unique pairings and synergy with other cards. Here are a few of the most important ones to identify.

Temperance and Hierophant

This combination tends to show up often for online tarot readings and newcomers to the practice. What it's signifying is a need for ritual, consistency, and to find your spiritual path. What this type of ritual or prayer looks like to you may differ from the traditional forms as seen in religious institutions.

The Hierophant and Temperance stand together as beacons of faith and intuition, passion and honesty with oneself.

Depending on the questions asked for your tarot reading, you should also use this pairing as a reminder to not move in arrogance or become too hesitant. Both will blind you from realizing new opportunities in life. This is why ritual and faith play such integral roles in our lives.

Temperance and The Star

One of the most confusing combinations to pull from the deck. On the surface, one may view Temperance and The Star as polar opposites; yet there is synergy. Temperance is about controlling your environment, while The Star is a period of release and hope for the future.

When you combine the two, it tells the story of preparation and building towards a goal, then basking in the glory of your work.

The Star highlights the importance of relaxing and recharging your batteries before moving on to the next chapter in life. 

Temperance and The Tower

While The Tower card is often one of the most feared cards in the deck, Temperance makes for a great pairing together. If you see these two cards, you shouldn't fear catastrophe or destruction, but a disruption will happen in the order of things.

This could mean an unexpected change in your routine, a relationship dynamic, or a ladder you may be climbing. This change could mean a shortcut to your goals, a loss or gain in friendship that improves your emotional well-being, and so-forth.

It may hurt, at first, but The Tower and Temperance cards always indicate a change is needed and that you can adapt to whatever comes your way.

Temperance Relationship With Sagittarius♐

The relationship between Sagittarius signs and the Temperance card is intimate, like a master blacksmith and his tools. Tempering steel is the process of finding the perfect balance of hardness and flexibility. A sword too hard will be too brittle to strike with, while a sword too flexible will not hold its shape to cut through.

A hot piece of steel, straight out of the fire, is quickly quenched in a liquid to achieve this perfect temper. Fire signs like Sagittarius need Temperance to hone their lust for adventure and problem-solving.

Never view this card as a damper on your spirit, but as a guide to reduce the frustrations that come with trying to fit that square block into the circle opening.

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