Ya'll are amazing! The stats over the last few days were astounding. For the majority of this campaign I was so nervous wondering if we'd make it and then you all pulled through towards the end. My heart is overflowin'. I take none of this for granted because I know so many of you pledged when you did not have much to give. I'm a working girl, surviving like most of you. It touches me to tears knowing that so many of you put enough faith in me to offer your hard earned coins as an investment during a time when so many of us are just making it. It means more to me than any rich man's check so know that I LOVE YOU and I appreciate every single contribution seen and unseen. I sincerely do. 

Now that we got the sappy stuff and tears out the way let's celebrateeeeee . . .

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the overwhelming outpour of support for those who found the campaign late I did extend the preorders until October 28 through www.dust2onyx.com. So if you have friends who were not able to pledge until payday they now have a little more time!
  • Over the next few months I will be working to bring out this deck. Now that I know that funds are there I want to pour everything I have into this work. So I will be updating mostly bi-weekly with batches of images and other exciting news. I want you all to stay in the loop with me and give me your honest candid feedback. I ultimately decide as the artist but that does not mean what you all feel doesn't matter. Some of you have already been very valuable in encouragement and feedback during this process. 
  • The real work has begun! So over the next several days, I may still be on social media with the extended preorder period going. However, I'm also going to try and get some rest and focus on the tasks at hand. I have seen every single comment and all of you made my day! So even if I have not personally responded please know that you are acknowledged. <3

If you feel the need to reach out please continue to do so and I will try to be as responsive as I can. Otherwise, please keep directing that love and positive energy when you can as I continue to go through this journey. 


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