Dear Everybody,

I appreciate all the emails checking up on me and the progress for the work so I thought it'd be easiest to respond by update. I have not forsaken you! It's just writing a book is much more involved and difficult than I anticipated. Although each card contains traditional meanings those among us who are experienced are already familiar with, the themes and connections I've made require extra attentiveness. So there has been a bit more research involved for each card. 

I know I know, I made the card right? I should already know. Not exactly. Much of the symbolism throughout the art process came intuitively, and although the visual connections are spot on, I want to make sure any information I use is correct. There's a lot of different references to animal symbolism, cultural practices, and astronomy. I can't go making up stuff now, lol. So pleaseee continue to bare with me a little longer as I push through this final phase. It's honestly the toughest one so far, but I'd do a disservice to you and this deck if I didn't put in just as much if not more effort than the artwork required. 

Thank you so much for your continued patience! I will release an official shipping date once I submit the finished guidebook to my manufacturer. <3

Just as a preview, I've included two (unedited) excerpts from the book:

4 of Staffs
4 of Staffs



9 of Gourds
9 of Gourds


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