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I love the artwork.

Breathtaking and Exquisite

What treasures. This deck is absolutely stunning, this print is equally incredible. Thank you for all of your hard work, for channeling your ancestors so beautifully, and for sharing these beautiful words and images with us. The book that accompanies the cards is

Queen Mother - My Source

From 1st glace, I was in love with this print. While I know this is part of the larger Tarot card deck, I knew that I had to have this print because for me it represents all that I know and love as a black womyn and the black womyn who are my source of strength and on whose shoulders I stand.

I actually received my print last year, but I understand all the increased activity is because the Tarot Card decks have been sent. The print hangs in my living room and I choose to surround it with pictures of my Queen Mothers. Starting at the top with my grandmother, mother, aunt and great aunt who are now the Angel's of my life, along with my partner, my forever life mentor, my sister in love and my best friend along the sides, anchoring myself at the bottom. It gives me strength and continually reminds me that I'm not alone in this thing called life.

The print itself was of the highest quality and came nicely packaged in a simple black frame. I chose to change the frame to match the decor of my home.


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