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Tatiana (Portland, US)
bought it as a gift

bought it as a birthday gift for my cancer bestie. she was really excited to use it. the artwork is beautiful.

Barbara Karnes (Green Valley, US)
In a word: Luxurious

I have purchased countless tarot decks over the years yet never… NOT ONCE have I had the pleasure of receiving one that arrived as if a divine treasure from an unexpected space of “more" as "Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot - TRAVEL EDITION."

I absolutely love the texture of the cards. They feel like velvet and shuffle with uncommon fluidity. I love the shimmer of the gold detailing. The size of the Travel Edition fits perfectly in my medium-sized palms. I admire the creativity in the artwork and the inspiring way the author chose to name, classify, structure and further describe the cards and their suits.

With the above in mind, each card, each spread speaks with an iconic voice anyone can hear if willing to tune in. Dust II Onyx is simply the most decadent, delectable, and highly functional tarot deck I have ever had the delight of using.

I am compelled to also mention her unique offering of an “interview” spread to get to know your deck. I tried it and found the results enlightening, surprising, and quite humorous; as if I was chatting with a friend at a cafe over a cup of coffee. Went on to use the same spread with a few of my existing decks. What fun!

I hope the creator, Courtney Alexander, continues to share her talent with future offerings.

In genuine gratitude,
Barbara K.
Long Island, NY

Levi Smits (Arnhem, NL)
Gorgeous deck, yet shipping took very long


I love this deck, it’s expensive but it’s worth the money, the production value is off the charts. The price did hold me back for a little while but now that I have it, I can tell you’re getting your money’s worth. An unapologetic deck by and for black people. I’m not black but I love the art, and I love the artstyle, the rawness and the realness of it all.

Shipping did tale very long and the follow up emails were kind of tedious. ‘I see you received your deck 48 days ago?!’ No I didn’t. However, it was worth the wait (and the seller did help me out when the package seemed stuck in US customs).

Like fine silk sheets

Well worth the wait. Heard about this deck through Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast with Lindsay Mack. My first deck lacked melanin so was eager to improve. From the interview to the deck, AMAZING! Every card feels so amazing. Just want to lay them out and go to sleep - birth day style. lol. Great integrity went into this fine work. Much love and blessing to the minds, hearts, and hands behind this deck.

La'lo Luv (Houston, US)

This is my forever deck! The artistry, the feel! They're so creamy ...OhMan!


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