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Wow! Just Wow!

I have to admit that it took me a while to actually open it because it's just SOOO incredibly beautiful, to the point where I didn't want anyone touching it, including myself. I'm new to tarot and this is my first deck so there was/is a lot of reverence with handling it. I took it everywhere in my beautiful tote bag, but felt like I needed to study more before opening it.

Chilleeee lemme tell you, when the time came for me to give myself my very first reading, I knew exactly why Spirit led me to this deck! Not only did I see myself reflected in the majestic artistry of these cards as a Black queer woman, I also felt one with the ancestors and the message they needed to send me!

I will never forget that first reading and I am forever grateful for this tarot deck! Thank you Courtney for the love you poured into this creation! XOXO


I love the artwork & attention to detail & how this deck FEEELS. I appreciate that the included "lwb" is a (relatively) big, hardcover, beautiful, black book and has not just a strong & engaging TAROT perspective but is a nice commemorative book from a 78/79 piece art show I would have love to have attended. Cortney Alexander's offering is compelling in that more than a few of her images/interpretations are replacing long-standing cornerstones as my tarot card "standards". My Dust II Onyx deck joins 8 other decks featuring African descendents which center my collection. (Bringing up to 4 the decks that I have that not only feature BlackUs but are created and produced by BLACK folk...) I am grateful for what feels like abundance of decks with a variety of styles, perspectives, quality, & approaches for me to choose from depending on my mood/intention/need. But, this is now my fave! It might be the (or second) most exspensiveive deck I own and it is Worth. Every. Penny.

Dust II Onyx

Love and Light siSTAR!

First and foremost, I would like to give gratitude and honor to all of the Elders, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Deities, and Orishas that reside at the foundation of these majestic melanated tarot cards, which were intentionally created by us, and for us. I must be transparent by saying that I have yet to open my actual deck of cards, as I have been deeply delving into the book itself, making absolutely certain that I am of the right spiritual mind, body, and spirit, as I embark on my journey of reading the soul portal of myself and others. I am forever indebted to my husband Bomani for being the most dedicated supporter of my Afrikan spirituality, emotional wellness, growth, and life. He searched high and low in the pursuit of cards that fit my rebel spirit and the Black Diaspora as a whole, which as you know, has been no easy feat. Dust II Onyx is definitely that deck! It encompasses elements of the Black experience that I was aware of, and a lot that I was not. However, as I continued to read on, my awareness and lack there of, began to interconnect with each other, as Afrikan spirituality has been known to do. I would just like to say asante sana to you Sister Courtney, for pouring everything you have learned about us as a people, and your own personal experiences into this magnificent work that is unapologetically Black on every level imaginable! I know that my life and the life of those I cherish most, will be forever changed from this moment on.... Ase' oooooo!!!


When I started reading tarot cards I didn’t understand it’s history. Upon reading its beginnings came from Europe. And at those times Europe was not an African persons friend. So it turned me off. So I googled for a deck for a Black person and literally got black cards. Seemed evil. Until I ran across a site with a review on this deck. I went to the page and I’m amazed!! The deck is beautiful and I feel like I see myself in the cards. It’s also giving Black Panther in how updated and futuristic they look. Wonderful job. Please get these back in stock. I’d love to read the book provided. Like, literally never seen a book that big and it seems very in depth based off the reviews. Black girl magic strikes again. No matter we live rent free!! This deck truly means a lot to me, and I haven’t even seen it in person. Thanks for making this. Until it’s available I’m unsure I can read my cards because of the history. Maybe I’ll start practicing voodoo.


These are incredibly gorgeous cards. I had my eye on them for a very long time as a gift for a dear friend. They loved receiving!


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