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I’ve not received my parcel

The last update I received stated your item departed a transfer airport in LA GUARDIA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES on February 25, 2021 at 7:00pm The item is currently in transit to the destination

Words can't explain

These cards are AMAZING ! The pictures do not do justice. The energy the pictures they tell a beautiful story and really connect to so many . This deck helped me connect to my guide that comes to me during readings. Just beautiful...sending love and light . Worth every penny !

Wow Factor!

As a newbie to tarot, I have many decks but Dust II Onyx is my ONE! Courtney, I can’t stop staring, gushing, touching, exploring, all of the above. This deck is so beautiful and regal. The accompanying book is by far the very best I have come across because Courtney breaks it all down and makes it relatable. I have small hands so I’ve had to learn to find a comfortable way to shuffle, which just gives me an excuse to touch them again.

Thank you for creating something so beautiful and sharing it with us. From the moment I confirmed my order up to the delivery, you were amazingly professional and courteous. I’ve never received that from a deck creator before. First class service with a first class deck! I was already impressed before the cards even arrived!
If you ears have been ringing, that’s me talking about your DIIO to everybody.

Take a bow, Ms. Courtney!

Get it ✨

Where do I start! Words could not describe this deck - it’s something you’ll need to experience. Each card takes you on a journey. You can feel the effort put into this deck. The passion. The deck is truly insightful, educational and completed with the perfect connection to traditional tarot. I’m currently using the deck and establishing a connection. The craftsmanship is top tier. The quality is felt and seen. Almost to the point where you don’t want to use this deck as a daily deck because you want to conserve it’s beauty. I guess that’s the point of a tarot deck though - to use. The deck is worth the price, every penny. The artwork is breathtaking. The only thing I wish was maybe there could be an alternative deck, basically a duplicate, but in a card stock that I would feel ok to use and abusive. Nevertheless, I would recommend and re-order this deck when the time comes. OUTSTANDING.

Absolutley Beautiful 😍

I am gobsmacked, as this is museum quality artwork and the love, passion and soul of this artist truly ruminate in these decks. I was fortunate to be able to obtain both the large and travel size, and both are stunning, deep and beautiful. Add in the book is amazing, hard cover with such wonderful details. I highly recommend these decks!


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