Hello All!

I am proud to announce that all artwork is complete! *Phew* It has been quite the journey to this point. I went to Portland for the Northwest Tarot Symposium which was super fun but a lot of preparation. I actually finished all artwork a couple of weeks ago but life has been so hectic that there hasn't been much chance to breathe and celebrate.  Of course, I did not want to leave you all hanging any longer, especially for those who may not follow me on social media. Below are some quick progress points I'd like to share:

  • GUIDEBOOK: I'm currently in the process of writing the guidebook. Because of all of your wonderful contributions I have expanded the guidebook to be 300+ pages and I'm so excited for you all to read it! My goal is to make this guidebook as good as a standalone book for tarot, especially with so many of you coming in as newbies. It also important that I take time to tell the story of each card with as much care as each painting was created. There will be some additional surprises for the guidebook so I'd rather not give it ALL away ^_^.
  • PACKAGING: If I haven't mentioned before, the package will be a magnetic lid box designed by myself. It is an exciting part of this challenge for me. I want this box to feel as sacred as the contents it contains so all elements are hand-painted and printed on to the box.
  • SHIPPING: The most cost effective mode of shipping is freight (by ocean) and will therefore take approximately 2 months to arrive to my location. I have set April 25 as my production completion date, so that means the decks will arrive in June. Of course if anything changes I will let everyone know as I am doing now.  
  • *****PLEASE NOTE***** If you have not responded to the survey I sent, do so ASAP. You will not receive your package until you do so! Also, if you have to change your address, you may return to the same survey and it will allow you to edit. Some of you have sent me an email, but for ease of shipping (since info is downloaded in a spreadsheet) please edit your address in the Kickstarter survey if you haven't already.


Lemme tell ya'll somethin (gotta be a bit candid for a moment) this shit is hard LOL. There has not been ONE aspect of this project that has not been in my hands or done by me but I still look in awe at each painting, that it came from me.  Financially, it costs more than people could imagine to make something of quality and I'm thankful I stepped out on the limb to ask for the amount I did. Otherwise this deck would just be really standard and my Virgo self would not be satisfied with that LOL.

When I started this project I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It is by far the most challenging yet rewarding endeavor I've ever taken on. Just a few months ago I was in a state of unemployment, six months past graduation and trying to figure out how to stay afloat while looking for grad schools. Now I'm here bringing such an important work into the world and everyday it still feels surreal. I've questioned who I am and every decision I make more than any other time in my life. I have cried so many tears up to this point in frustration and exhaustion. Even pushing the shipping date to June had me in a fit because the last thing I wanted to do is disappoint anyone who has contributed to see this vision come to life. I learned a lot about the disappointment backers have experienced and I carry that in my mind everyday. Maybe I'm too hard on myself, but I just want each and every person to feel like you've received at least twice in value than what you invested monetarily.

 The pressure of it all has not broken me in the least but it has definitely challenged any resolve to be successful that I've had. It's made me question all the parts of me that felt like I wasn't good enough, strong enough, ready enough, or sure enough. It's also created a bridge to so many wonderful people who have supported me and been a shoulder to lean on.

I said all the above because, hell it's my truth. You've been with me up to this point so why not share what's really going on. It's not all sunshine and daisies, even still I'm 130% dedicated to jumping those hurdles. I know this is not the last project and so I take every lesson in stride knowing it will be a lot easier the next go around.


Ya'll are awesome, as I've mentioned a dozen times. Thanks for all of you still reaching out and sharing. As you know I'm easy to get in touch with if you have any additional questions, comments or concerns. I love you! <3 <3 <3 

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